A Working Girl’s Story

Once upon a time, there lived a stunning and talented young girl with ambitious aspirations and idealistic dreams. She wanted more than anything to be a successful person. She understood she would have to work hard and that she would have to take the path less traveled.

Understanding that her journey towards success would not be easy, she studied hard, worked hard and practiced the words of wisdom taught to her.

This young girl with great ambition and idealistic dreams for brighter tomorrows would be required to walk around obstacles and break through glass ceilings. Her journey would not be easy for it would force her to take unknown highways and graveled country roads, which would lead her to tops of mountains and climbs back down. This young girl with enormous ambitions would hit many bumps along the way. Her knees would be scraped, her heart would be broken, and her desire would be tested.

Having listened carefully to the words of wisdom she understood, she would encounter many trials and tribulations. So, in her innate wisdom, she countered every negative with thousands of positives. Little did this young girl realize that this would lead her to the world beyond her imagination?

Her hunger for success would take her from a childhood of poverty and abuse to a world where food and love were plenty. It would take her from a home of empty cupboards, growling bellies to an alley of pennies. It would take her to places few traveled. Fortunately, the young at&t girl trusted in her ability of just knowing things. This was not something she could explain. All she knew was that she knew things. This unique talent was a gift bestowed to the girl as a very young child.

As she lay on her belly on her auntie’s back porch coloring and learning the art of cursive writing, she received a visitor. This guest whispered in a high pitch and soothing presence. “You are meant for something special.”

After hearing the voice, the very young child felt a calm and warming peace. Fear escaped that moment, and the very young child felt safe, for she knew she would be taken care of, no matter what. Just as the very young child heard voices on her auntie’s back porch, she shared in conversation with birds in her Nana’s garden. As a toddler, she sat in the center of her Nana’s vegetable garden. Birds of all kinds would gather, surround her and they would chatter. For hours, her Nana, Papa, and Mama would watch with amazement as the toddler sat content talking to the birds. Throughout her very young childhood, she would have many visits like this.

The ambitious young girl with great dreams and ambitions never spoke of this for she knew that these conversations were sacred. She knew things.

Moments like these helped her appreciate nature and what it had to offer. Moments like these provided the very small child with the knowledge that childhood nightmares and negative experiences were lessons. Moments like these led her to understand that life had much to teach her and no matter what she would pull through. So, the young girl, that just knew things consciously decided to listen more carefully to the whispers of nature and her heart.

Listening did not come easy for the young girl. As a child, she loved to play and singing on her Nana’s porch to her many fans. Teaching her imaginary friends school lessons came to be a daily pastime. When the young child was able to walk steady, run free and understand the value and dangers of the roaring rivers her Grandfather decided to teach the child another lesson. So, the young child and her Grandfather set out early one summer day and drove to a place where three rivers meet. The Grandfather shared stories about the rivers and the majestic mountains that surrounded them.

Then the Grandfather took the child’s hand and led her to the bank of the river and handed her a pole. Not quite certain what to do with the pole she watched her Grandfather. As the young girl sat quietly on the bank of the three rivers with her pole, her Grandfather moved gingerly into the water. Then with a snap of his wrist, he cast his line. The young child watched her Grandfather for catch fish. One thing the child noticed as her Grandfather fished was his reluctance to keep all his fish. So, after her Grandfather returned to the bank of the river. She asked, “Why did you let those fish go?”

He took her hand and led her to a small fishing hole, and together they cast her line and said, “Remember how you sat quietly and watched me fish, you must do the same.” So the child sat as she fished. Then suddenly she felt a pull from the line.

“Pull it back; pull it back, careful now we don’t want it to get away.” Said Grandfather.

“This is a funny looking fish,” the child said.

“Yes, indeed it is. We need to throw it back.”


“This is a bull fish. They aren’t for eating.”

“But Grandfather,” the child said. “You kept some of your fish and not all of them were bull fish.”

The Grandfather chuckled, and explained, “You are right, some were just too small to be eaten, some day we will catch them again.”

Content with her Grandfather’s explanations together they cast their lines and sat in silence.

As the child grew a little older, the young girl found she loved to talk. She also learned that sometimes this idle chit chat would lead to vicious gossip. Something the great teachers frowned on. Thus, listening became an essential lesson, and the girl learned to silence herself. When the young girl’s heart hurt, she cried and when that didn’t work the young girl slept.

As she slept she imagined herself on a big brass bed draped in white linen. The bed where she rested floated in the sky. In her restful place in the heavens, sadness did not exist, and the young girl smiled as she learned the true meaning of her darkest moments. More than anything the young girl wished to live in a world of happiness and sunshine, so when she slept she listened carefully.

She prayed daily that her loved ones and she would be taken out of despair. She prayed they would know things just like her. She prayed they would take a path that would lead them to a life of compassion, happiness, good health and prosperity. The young girl by a large ambition wanted for others what they did not long for themselves. “How can they not what I want?” She wondered. These notions confused the young girl with great ambition and talent, for she had spent many years searching deep within herself for such answers. She even questioned the Universe and God. Her long quests as a young girl lead her to understand that her darkest moments have light. This was shown to her daily. This was shown to her as a very young child.

“The idea that the earth sleeps in darkness and awakens in light is miraculous. Why can’t others see this?” She asked the great teachers. Why can’t others see the way the Universe and God nourish us and provide hope? Why can’t they see?” Believing in her theory of darkness and light she held steadfast to the idea that this was her way of seeing hope with naked eyes. Even though those around her were blinded by lights message, she did not let this deter her. It gave her much comfort to sleep in darkness for she knew she never slept in complete darkness. There was always a cast of light. Realizing that hope comes at night and on the gloomiest day, she concluded that there must be very good reason for this miraculous thing, called light.

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