Does the LORD Delight in You?

Jeremiah 9:23-24 (New King James Version) 23 Thus says the LORD:

“Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, Let not the mighty man glory in his might, Nor let the rich man glory in his riches; 24 But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I am the LORD, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD.

What is wisdom?

Surely wisdom is a good thing to have. Solomon had wisdom and in his passages in proverbs he told us to seek after it as it was precious to have. But here the prophet says for us not to glory in our wisdom. Wouldn’t that be hard for the average wise person to do? Surely being wise is something to be proud about? Not so, says the Lord through Jeremiah. We should not glory in it.

What is might?

Surely George W Bush glories in his armies and his might. His mighty armies that can subdue the world and enter any country and take over at his whim. Shouldn’t George glory in that might? Jeremiah says no he shouldn’t! Even the mighty are told that they should not glory in their might. King Saul was a mighty warrior, but in one war both he and his son were killed.

What is wealth?

Well surely this is where the Spirit of the Lord is wrong. Wealth is everything! When a person is a billionaire there is plenty to glory about and be proud of. Surely this is a very honest and noble thing to do to glory in the wealth of our own making, but Jeremiah says no.

We should Glory in that we understand and know the LORD

Tell me and be honest with yourself, how many of you outside of the written words in the Bible know of the LORD?

How many of you have had a two way conversation with the Father of Lights?

How many of you KNOW the LORD and understand him?

I think that is the biggest thing missing in this world, the knowledge and understanding of the Father of Lights.

Would the Father approve of the invasion of Iraq? Did the Father ever see those weapons of mass destruction? Does the Father like George Bush and the way he is running the country and how he runs and world affairs?

Does the Father like the way the West plunders the poorer nations for commodities?

Does the Father enjoy the modern praise and worship by people that don’t obey His Son week to week?

What is the Fathers view on holiness and to be set apart? Does he still require his people to be set apart?

What does the Father think of the fact that the West only tithes 3% of their incomes?

What does the Father think of the modern church?

Is the Father sad with all the disease and poverty in the third world?

Does the Father weep at the loss of life in the third world?

Is the Father upset with the American occupation or Iraq?

How does the Father feel about the prosperity gospel being preached today?

How often does the Father leave His throne and take his Son to a quite place to weep together?

Is the Father ready to judge the world?

Is He upset with the Western church?

Does he have a message for the world?

You see reader, I know the Father. I know the answers to all these questions. I have seen the Father weep and I feel the tears of Jesus as they rain in my heart. I feel the love they have for the lost and the despair they have for the lost that are going to hell because the church has not done their job.

Do you know the Father?

Do you know the way to the Father?

It is through the Son Jesus.

If you know Jesus and obey Jesus he will introduce you to the Father and the Father wills speak to you.

Do you know Jesus?

Jesus said My Sheep know my voice and hear my voice and follow Me.

Do you follow Jesus or do you follow mans teaching?

Do you know that Jesus said in the last day He won’t be judging people, but His word will be judging people?

Do you know one of Jesus’ commands was to, Request personal prophecy “Give to everybody that asks of you and from those that steal from you don’t require it back.”

Do you give to everybody that asks you for change on the street? Do you know that you should give to everybody because Jesus said to give alms to everybody? You won’t run out of money because the Holy Spirit will make sure no one asks you when you run out.

Let me close with a Word of prophecy from the Father.

Do you know that I never sleep, and the sun never goes down in heaven? I never rest and I work every single day. My angels flock to my throne and to Jesus and every single day we dispatch billions of requests and orders to the legions and legions of angels to carry out the affairs of men.

We dispatch special angels to deliver sermons out of preacher’s mouths, we dispatch angels to fill a church with the anointing, we send dancing angels to dance in your churches.

We sometimes have our angels seen by people and they can see choirs in their church and see angels in their midst. Sometimes we’ll even dispatch a legion and angels for one man and one circumstance.

We know your works. Every thought you have, every word you speak and everything you do is recorded in heaven in your book. Yes we forgive and erase things, but many of you have very thick books so many words they have spoken. We see everything, we see very single thing that you do. We know a repentant heart from a heart that is just saying sorry till next time they sin.

Each of you have an angel that tries their very best to tune you into Our frequency. Both the Holy Spirit and your angel if you are a Christian try and lead you to do the right things that you should do each day. When those of you in addictive sins meet the stronger in the faith, your angels have fellowship whilst you are together. Angels are such hard workers and they do not complain and mumble, but work every day for the sons of men to bring them to purity and righteousness and holiness.

I look at this world and I see Sodom. I look at this world and it reminds me of the world that existed in Noah’s day. I look at all the Christian men in adulterous relationships, I look at all the priests that are committing abominations and I fear for the world.

I look at how many people store their riches on earth and try and build an inheritance for their children yet neglect sowing money into the gospel and storing their treasure in heaven.

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