Easy Video Squeeze Page Templates, Make Your Own

Making your own video squeeze page templates is something worth taking a look at if you are marketing anything online and want people to take some action on your capture type pages. If you have been involved with Internet Marketing for any time at all I’m sure you are aware of how powerful and effective a video squeeze page is in getting people to pay attention and take action online. The power that video has over text is huge. Viewers not only are seeing a real person in a video they are getting the message in through multiple senses which increases attention and retention.

Video is fast becoming the major form of communication online and people seem to want to watch a video, yet must make themselves read a lot of text. People want to be engaged and naturally want to communicate with other people. In marketing with what are termed squeeze, landing, capture, opt-in, splash and lead capture pages, the problem is how do you get powerful attention grabbing video on these pages without a lot of hassle or huge expense?

Discovering the easy video squeeze system solution

There are basic video squeeze page free presentation templates available online that you can buy and use, but the big problem most active marketers have with these is they are so generic and used by many people. Your capture page is an extremely critical link in your marketing chain or funnel as it is the point of contact where you are hoping for great conversions as viewers take the desired action. If your landing page fails to get an action, everything else in your system is for naught.

When you recognize that the easy solution is in being able to quickly make your own unique video squeeze page templates tailored exactly to your specific design needs, you are now open to many more possibilities. Hiring a designer to make a unique landing pagees or templates could cost hundreds of dollars, or more. If you are marketing multiple products or services this can get time consuming and expansive. With the ability to make your own squeeze page template you don’t have to be stuck with the restrictions and generic nature of the ready made templates.

Ease of video squeeze page template alteration for testing

If you get a ready made squeeze page templates or get a custom made page how easy is it for you to make the changes needed for you to test to find the best converting page possible? Once you find out how easy it is to make your own video capture page templates you will discover the vast flexibility you now have. Plus, you can make changes on your time, not having to wait for and pay a designer. or find another ready made page template.

As you have likely heard, testing every aspect of a landing page is considered crucial to advanced marketers, so having the flexibility to do this easily and quickly supports your efforts. We both know how easy it is to not do something when it is a chore to do, or it keeps costing money. Testing your landing pages for maximum effectiveness is not something you want to let pass unless you don’t care about the results you get. Setting yourself up with an easy way to do this is well worth while.

Unique Branding and design with your own video squeeze page templates

Using ready made video templates my be a solution for you, but most find with these they must settle for something that is not what they actually want, or that does not fit into their branding or presentation theme. Your web pages are a reflection of you, what you are doing and offering, it’s best if they are congruent with the image you wish to portray of yourself and your business. Making your own video squeeze page free templates for powerpoint ensures that they are unique to you. With the easy video squeeze page system you can continue to have the continuity of layout, images and logos to support and align with your specific branding efforts on your squeeze pages rather than just any random design.

It’s important to consider the theme and focus of your presentations to viewers of your squeeze pages, remember, you only have a few moments to capture their attention. You may have the best and most valuable information available, but if viewers don’t stop to give it their attention, they miss the point, and won’t take any action. This is of course why video squeeze pages are so powerful, they have been found to grab a viewers attention much better than plain text does.

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