Get Rid of Clutter and Say Hello to a Beautiful Home!

Do you need some help with how to get rid of clutter in your home? If you are frustrated with the clutter build up, the lack of success in banishing the mess from your house, and the rise in blood pressure at the thought of the clutter in your home, take heart and check out the pointers below! Get rid of clutter in your home by mastering IT! Don’t let it master you!


  1. Be optimistic. Even if you get rid of clutter for only a brief time each day, you are still moving forward! Focus on your success! Remind yourself that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”! Forbid any thoughts about your clutter project being too big for you.
  2. Ask yourself why you have such a hard time getting rid of clutter. Is it your frugal nature? Unreasonable emotional attachment? Guilt? If you the-beautiful-home can determine (even vaguely) what it is that stops you from getting rid of clutter, you will be better able to confront those issues head on and see if they are in fact valid.
  3. Know yourself. No one method of getting rid of clutter will be equally effective for everyone, so figure out what method will work best for you! Consider lists to blitzes to declutter challenges to the “4 Boxes Method”… spend a little time now, and save a lot of time later!
  4. Have a goal in mind. Walk through your house and picture it after you get rid of clutter everywhere. Visualize your uncluttered house, and consider what you are you willing to sacrifice to reach that state. Your time? Your emotional attachment to random knick-knacks?


Once you have thought through these steps, congratulations! To get rid of clutter (especially your own “stuff”) is not the easiest thing to do, but with the right mentality and a plan in place, you will be much better equipped to get that clutter-free home of which you have been dreaming. And that being said, you are now nicely ready to start looking for practical tips on how to get rid of clutter in your house for good!


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