Getting Out of the Box

We can also call them the four corners of our life.

From day one since we were born on this planet, believe it or not – we’ve been confined in a box.

They call it a crib when you were a child, and had no place to go but your given territory composed of baby bed sheets and toys, colored pillows, and cartoon character stuffed toys.

Further along in life, the area of the box grew into what was known as a classroom. You were given a syllabus, subjects to tackle and topics to study about. Textbooks were given out and a professor presented you with concepts and paradigms that would forever change your life.

We would eventually know what we wanted out of life based from what we have gained from our previous experiences. After our graduation, our hopes are high and the future looks bright. Nothing can stop us – it’s as if we were about to get out of the box!

But reality sets in, and most end up in another box known as employment. And why not? That’s what we’ve been taught and trained to do after all. And look, Pinoy Lambingan there are immediate rewards starting out with one’s first ever monthly paycheck!

Little did we know that a majority of us got into the 40-40 deal: Working 40 hours a week for the next 40 years of our life, hoping that one’s retirement paycheck, pension plan and hopefully savings and other “safe investments” would be enough to carry us through the last leg of our lives.

Or else we have to depend again and become a part of our children’s box, if you know what I mean.

The heartbreaking thing about this is most people refuse to get out of their box, either because of simple lack of information, fear of the unknown, or a combination of wrong habits and beliefs, which eventually leads them to just follow the crowd and the path of least resistance.

But the good news is all of that can be changed. Probably not in a day or a week, but anything’s possible. We’ve heard of a lot of people who made that leap from employment to entrepreneurship. From following a boss to being one’s own boss. From financial security to financial freedom and living a life of passion, excellence and significance.

If these are words that strike a cord in your heart and you want to learn more, I encourage you to visit Pinoy Business Club, a group consisting of business-minded Filipinos from different parts of the world who have the zest to continuously learn, improve and develop themselves in all areas of their lives.

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