Home Security Shutter is worthfull for us

practically intruder proof!

Home security shutters, what are they?
A regular door or window cannot stand up to a full onslaught issued forth from a thief whose sole intent is to gain entry to your home under any circumstances. They will smash windows and kick in doors if they have to. There are of course other deterrents like window bars and Persianas de Seguridad Hogar locks you can install in your home, but none of these can even begin to compare with a home security shutter system.

Shutters have been developed to allow much more protection to your home. Because they are so strong, they strengthen the home security doors and widows and can hold up under the pressure of most attempted break ins. They provide a very effective barrier between your home and an intruder, especially when you are away. They can be installed inside or outside the home and operated either manually or electronically. In any case, they are quick to operate, allowing either a quick exit for you or a fast barrier between your home and an intruder, especially handy in times of dire emergency.

When in place they completely cover the windows and doors where they are installed and can be constructed of either a full wall of metal sheets or, a slatted system which allows you to open and close them in order to control the amount of light into your home. This allows you the option to see what is happening outside. The slat type of home security shutter is generally considered best when you need their presence while you are at home.

When installed on a home security door, whether patio, sliding, or an entry door, the shutter can be opened both externally or internally via a mechanism which consists of a transverse central locking system fitted into the bottom of the slat. It boasts bars which are fitted into the side guide rails which can be locked.
Once open, the shutters become unobtrusive, neat and tidy thanks to their ‘roll up’ box system. In other words when open the slats are discretely stored within a metal box.

Operating Systems
There are three different ways these shutters can be operated. First is the ‘swivel belt’ operation. They are installed on the outside of your home and are opened or closed from the inside via a belted gear system that consists of a crank handle. These have to be operated manually.

Another type of shutter operates on a spring and lock system. Again these shutters are installed on the outside of your property, but mainly over entry doors and can be raised by hand from the outside. Their operating mechanism is spring loaded which makes lifting easy and a key allows you to lock it from either inside or outside.

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