Simple Upkeep For the Best Bowing Violin

If you want the very best sound from your violin then you have to maintain your instrument. You are responsible for the upkeep of your violin, strings and bow. The bow is made up of a shaft of wood and a length of bow hairs that run alongside the shaft. One way to think of the bow is as a quivering heart that gives the sound of a violin all the joy, heartache and drama that makes the fine french violin bows so unique.

It is because the bow is such an important part of playing the violin that it is essential you understand about bowing. Violin playing is not just about how you hold the bow in order to produce good music. It is also about caring for your instrument. There is no point in trying your very best to play music only to be let down by the bow. If the reason the sound of your violin is not as good as it should be due to an unclean bow then the blame lies squarely on your shoulders.

The second you start learning to play the violin you are a musician. As a musician you must do everything necessary to ensure your music sounds wonderful due to your strings and your bowing. Violin players who care make a point of cleaning the bow after approximately five uses. They are also aware that the bow is delicate and that the hairs of the bow are not to be touched. All that is required is a firm but gentle wipe down the wooden shaft. A thin soft cotton cloth that does not produce fluff is used for this purpose. This is a small effort to make in order to maintain the standard of your bowing. Violin music is extraordinarily unique and deserves the best treatment.


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